What We Do

Of the wide spectrum of nature, conservation, and environmental not-for-profits, the Safina Center is different. What makes us different is our emphasis: we are the creative end. 

We travel to every continent and work in every ocean to pry loose and bring back raw material to produce our products.

And with it, we create a rare fusion of science and emotion, forged into best-selling books, award-winning films, visual art, sound art, TED talks, and spoken words that really reach people on an intellectual and emotional level. And we use these to share that most valuable commodity: ideas that change the conversation.

People cannot engage unless they see solutions. We generate some light here; we are guides and thought-leaders. 

But don’t take my word; we garner the recognitions to show that our work makes a difference. The people of The Safina Center list among their awards the MacArthur “genius” Prize, Pulitzer Prize, several Pew and Guggenheim Fellowships, The Communication Award of National Academies of Science, Art, and Medicine, various medals and writing awards, and more. The New York Times and The Guardian and others ask us to write for their global audiences. Our books have been New York Times bestsellers and our television shows have aired nationally on PBS.

In addition, our people also work on-the-ground and in-the-sea. Safina Center Fellows have worked to secure albatross nesting areas against feral animals in Kauai, train manta-ray hunters to become tour guides in Indonesia, stem the shark fin trade into China, study the effect of warming on Arctic wildlife in Canada, and even helping disrupt human trafficking in Asian fisheries. And we are teaching young people how to think critically and recognize when they are being fooled, and how to use science to formulate intelligent policy proposals. Our young fellows program alters the trajectory of careers, creating decades-long tracks arcing into the future. That is reach!

We have assembled a team of world-class talent doing some important work. Thrilling work.

It is more obvious than ever that information alone doesn’t work. People have to feel it. We work to make the crucial emotional bridge of feeling between what is and what needs to be.

Facts alone can’t save the world. Hearts can. Hearts must. We’re working to make sure that hearts do.  

Learn more by reviewing our major works and Annual Reports

(cover photo: Carl Safina filming PBS series. © John Angier)