What We Do

(above photo: Carl Safina filming PBS series. © John Angier)

MISSION: The mission of the Safina Center is to advance the case for life on Earth by fusing scientific understanding, emotional connection, and a moral call to action. We create an original blend of science, art, and literature in the form of books and articles, scientific research, photography, films, sound-art, and spoken words. We bear first-hand witness and then we speak up, we speak out, and we teach. Our work is designed to inspire and engage you to devote your time and energies to conservation of wild things and wild places. The Safina Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based on Long Island, N.Y., founded in 2003 by ecologist and author Dr. Carl Safina.

Our work is inspired by great science communicators such as Rachel Carson, Jacques Cousteau, Elizabeth Kolbert, Peter Matthiessen, Edward Abbey, George Schaller, Jane Goodall and Edward O. Wilson. Their commitment to conveying conservation issues through science, writing and art have enlightened and encouraged millions of people to care about nature. In this time of growing ecological concerns, we see new opportunities and new ways to tell nature’s stories, further building a case for life on Earth and inspiring others to committed action.

Since it was incepted in 2013, the Safina Center’s Fellowship and Creative Affiliate Program has produced an impressive body of work that spans various media, from writing to photography to fine art to performance art to film to music to science. Yet, our members’ work is connected by a common thread: a concern for nature and desire to protect it. We seek to unite, teach and inspire our fellow humans to care more about this planet we call home, and the life we share it with.