The oil at the bottom of the world

By Safina Center Fellow and Writer in Residence Paul Greenberg Last week I was in the middle of revising the krill chapter of my forthcoming book on omega-3 fatty acids when I got an unsettling note from MacDuff… Read More
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Misool bluewater shark baitball: A sign of conservation success in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

By Shawn Heinrichs There has been so much to celebrate about the astounding recovery of reefs, reef fish and reef sharks within the Misool Marine Reserve located in Southeast Raja Ampat, Indonesia over the past decade, primarily due… Read More
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A deep dive opens my eyes to plastic below the ocean’s surface

I traveled to Phuket, Thailand, this June on a mission to gather more documentation and data for my ongoing plastic project. Thailand is the world’s 6th-worst plastic polluter, behind several other Asian countries. But there are people trying… Read More
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