Whole Foods Replaces Red-rated Swordfish and Tuna with Sustainable Options

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2011, Whole Foods Market will stop selling all red-rated swordfish and tuna at its seafood counters nationwide. Instead, they will be sourcing swordfish and tuna from sustainable sources. Working with Blue Ocean Institute… Read More
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Giving Swordfish the Green Light (and a red flag)

Many years ago I had a job where I had to sort through old files containing papers that related to several authors’ past proposed book projects. Most had been successful, resulting in a book being published – sometimes… Read More
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Fishing Gear 101: Harpoons and Spears – Selective Stabbers

Consumers often ask us to describe various types of fishing gear and explain which ones cause the most destruction to the ocean. Another frequent question is why our seafood ratings for a particular species differ depending on the… Read More
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