Uncharted Arctic waters: A new opportunity for exploitation, or conservation?

  When thick sheets of sea ice began melting in the Arctic waters around Svalbard, Norway, a few years ago, a new expanse of sparkling blue sea opened up. As climate change continues to drive ice melt here… Read More
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The Safina Center celebrates World Oceans Day

Oceans are essential to life on Earth: They cover more than two-thirds of the planet and contain 97 percent of its water. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere, helping regulate our climate. They provide humans with food and… Read More
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Paul Greenberg at “Gather” in Martha’s Vineyard

Safina Center Writer-in-Residence, Paul Greenberg, will speak at “Gather: The Culture of Food Explored,” a foodie festival in Martha’s Vineyard. Join the conversation for $75 or stay for dinner, hosted by Blue Crab Kitchen, for $325.
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