Southern Resident killer whale population is running out of salmon, running out of time

The Southern Resident killer whales are starving to death. Seven members of the critically endangered population died in 2016, including Granny, the oldest killer whale in the world and the leader of the Southern Residents. This unique community… Read More
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Ocean Night at The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club is proud to present an incredible opportunity to check-in with some of the world’s most interesting ocean writers, photographers and storytellers. Please join us on February 4th for a fantastic slate of presentations —both updates… Read More
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Killer whales pursuing a dolphin off Central California

By Jodi Frediani, with intro by Carl Safina Killer whales are astonishing creatures, extreme by every measure. I (Carl) wrote extensively about them in my recent book Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel.  Several non-interbreeding “types” which are actually different… Read More
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