So you live near a coral reef: Why experts say that’s not good news for reef conservation

My favorite beach on Long Island’s North Shore, where I live, is more than 700 miles away from the nearest coral reef (in Bermuda). This distance may be a good thing: Recent research suggests the further a coral… Read More
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Abandoned fishing nets: The irony of the sea that keeps on catching (and killing)

It was a cool morning in early spring when a group of volunteer divers jumped off their boat into the calm, turquoise waters off Makronisos Island in Greece. Under the surface lay before them lay a vast reef… Read More
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A deep dive opens my eyes to plastic below the ocean’s surface

I traveled to Phuket, Thailand, this June on a mission to gather more documentation and data for my ongoing plastic project. Thailand is the world’s 6th-worst plastic polluter, behind several other Asian countries. But there are people trying… Read More
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