Watch Live: Laysan Albatross Chick Being Raised by Two Moms

By Safina Center Fellow Hob Osterlund The starring chick of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “TrossCam, Season Four” hatched on January 26, just in time to go live from Kauaʻi. Hawaiian cultural arts practitioner and Cornell cam operator… Read More
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Uncharted Arctic waters: A new opportunity for exploitation, or conservation?

  When thick sheets of sea ice began melting in the Arctic waters around Svalbard, Norway, a few years ago, a new expanse of sparkling blue sea opened up. As climate change continues to drive ice melt here… Read More
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To save African elephants, scientists say ivory sales must stop

Co-authored by Erica Cirino Poachers are killing more than 27,000 African elephants every year for their tusks, making uncertain elephants’ very existence into the future. That comes out to about 100 African elephant murders every day, leaving just… Read More
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