Restricted Supply, Tepid Demand: the New Recipe for Shark Fin Soup?

Dr. Chapman takes a DNA sample from a nearly 15-ft blunt nose six-gill shark in the Bahamas. Photo by Sean Williams, Cape Eleuthera Institute. Blog by Dr. Demian Chapman, shark geneticist and Blue Ocean Fellow: When I first started studying… Read More
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China bans ivory, prices plummet. Will this really help save the elephants?

In May 2015, China’s forestry agency crushed about 1,500 pounds of confiscated elephant tusks and ivory carvings and vowed to end the country’s ivory trade. And then in September 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a joint statement… Read More
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China bans ivory, offering new hope for elephants

Every fifteen minutes an elephant is murdered so that someone somewhere can buy an ivory bracelet, carving, or some trinket that humans and elephants both could live without. Last fall the world’s nations met in Johannesburg to decide… Read More
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