The vulnerable vaquita: Immediate action needed to save critically endangered porpoise

When most people think of cetaceans, they think of the most iconic species: dolphins and whales. The vaquita—a small gray porpoise with an elusive lifestyle that’s native to Mexico’s Gulf of California—isn’t well known to most people, despite… Read More
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Shark Ashore! What’s Next?

In late July, Ed Michels–chief harbormaster for the Town of East Hampton, NY–found a dead shark washed ashore on the ocean beach of Amagansett (Long Island). There were no obvious injuries on the shark that measured five and… Read More
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Fishing Gear 101: Trawls – Bulldozers of the Ocean

Consumers often ask us to describe various types of fishing gear and explain which ones are the most destructive to the ocean. Another frequent question is why our seafood ratings for a particular species differ depending on the… Read More
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