Watch Live: Laysan Albatross Chick Being Raised by Two Moms

By Safina Center Fellow Hob Osterlund The starring chick of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “TrossCam, Season Four” hatched on January 26, just in time to go live from Kauaʻi. Hawaiian cultural arts practitioner and Cornell cam operator… Read More
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Thinking outside the egg

By Hob Osterlund, Safina Center Fellow It was early November. From all over the vast North Pacific, Laysan albatross were feeling the urge to fly south, to follow their mysterious and magnificent internal navigation to their nesting grounds… Read More
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They had us at hatch

By Hob Osterlund From first hatch to last fledge, the birds of Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “TrossCam” were a huge hit. In fewer than six months, the live-streaming cam got 1.2 million hits by people from 185 countries… Read More
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