The legend of Babakoto

By Safina Center Fellow Ben Mirin Malagasy legends say the Indri is the father of mankind. The name “Babakoto,” or Ancestor of Man, comes from a story of a young boy traveling in the rainforests of eastern Madagascar…. Read More
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The birds and the dolphins

By Safina Center Fellow Ben Mirin Notes from the Field: The first of three vignettes A vignette from Expedition Echo, a 7-day sailing journey to record marine mammal vocalizations along the coast of Belize. It was a fisherman’s worst… Read More
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Discovering the art of field recording

By Ben Mirin, Safina Center Fellow If you want to record bird song properly, there are lots of things to consider. Your audio has to be pristine so it can be used for scientific research, and you must… Read More
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