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Jun 16th

NOAA Announces its New Policy on Aquaculture: there’s no there there

Lots of people have told me that they aren’t sure what to make of aquaculture. Having heard that some kinds of fish farming are deleterious to the environment, some people assume that all farming of fish and shellfish is bad (not true), while others assume that all of it is good because they think that it takes pressure off of wild populations (not always true).  Here’s the real situation: if aquaculture had a Facebook relationship status it would read “It’s complicated.”

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Feb 27th

Innovations All Around Us

One of my favorite things about the Green Chefs/Blue Ocean online course for chefs and culinary students is how we discuss innovations in different fishing methods. If there’s a catch method that has high bycatch, we also let folks know what gear modifications are being developed to reduce bycatch.

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