Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management.
Snapper, Red – U.S. South AtlanticThese fish contain levels of mercury or PCBs that may pose a health risk to adults and children. Our source of information is  We also recommend that you check local advisories.

Red Snapper are found in the western Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina to northern South America, the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Red Snapper are found around both natural and artificial structures like corals reefs and oil rigs. They grow slowly, reach sexual maturity around three years of age, and may live for over 50 years.

Although management strategies are in place, the U.S. has not been able to prevent significant population declines of red snapper in the South Atlantic since the 1980s. Managers closed the fishery in recent years, and tried experimental openings, but this population has not yet recovered.

Red Snapper are typically caught by vertical hook-and-line gear which has minimal impact to the seafloor. However, some depleted groupers species are caught in the fishery.

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This fish may have moderately high levels of mercury that could pose a health risk to adults and children. More info here about mercury in snapper. Check out our mercury in seafood section.