Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management.
Snapper, New Zealand Tai – Bottom Trawl & Danish Seine

New Zeleand Tai Snapper are found in subtropical regions of the western Pacific Ocean including New Zealand, Australia, China and Japan. Juvenile Snapper inhabit muddy estuaries, while adults mostly inhabit rocky reefs, but are also found in mud and sea grass habitats.

In New Zealand, Tai Snapper are a commercially important fishery. Due to prudent fisheries management, most Tai Snapper populations in New Zealand are recovering from their previously overfished status. However, abundance still remains low in some areas.

New Zeleand Tai Snapper are caught with a variety of fishing gears. Fishing with bottom trawls and danish seines causes substantial damage to the seafloor habitats.

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