Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating.Snapper, Kalekale – Hawaii

Kalekale is a large-bodied, moderately long-lived snapper, found in deep tropical and subtropical waters across the Indo-Pacific from Hawaii to East Africa.

In Hawaii, Kalekale are caught in a mixed fishery with other deep water snappers and groupers, which collectively are called the Hawaii Deep 7 Bottomfish complex. These species are managed through annual catch limits and closed fishing areas. While the Deep 7 Bottomfish complex as a whole is considered to have a healthy abundance, the abundance of individual species is unknown. Catches of Kalekale are low relative to other Deep 7 species.

Kalekale are caught with handlines, which cause little  damage to bottom habitats. Few non-target species are caught, however a species of high conservation concern (Hawaiian grouper) is targeted in the Deep 7 Bottomfish fishery.

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