Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating.Mullet, Red – Northeast Atlantic, Gillnet Caught

Red Mullet are found in the Northeast Atlantic from the North Sea to the northwestern coast of Africa, as well in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. They are short lived, with a maximum life span of 10 years, and reach sexual maturity at 1-2 years of age.

In the Northeast Atlantic, Red Mullet are primarily caught with bottom trawls, but some are caught with bottom gillnets in inshore waters of the UK, in the western English Channel. Fishing with bottom gillnets can cause some damage to bottom habitats and results in a high level of bycatch.

Abundance of Red Mullet in the Northeast Atlantic is unknown and currently there are few management regulations in place; however, in recent years there have been efforts to improve monitoring and management of this species.

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