Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management.
Shrimp – Mexico

Several shrimp species are caught in Mexico: Blue, Brown, White, Pink and Seabob. Most are fished in Pacific waters, with the remainder from the Gulf of Mexico. Shrimp grow and sexually mature quickly. Juvenile shrimp generally live in estuaries, lagoons and coastal waters, before migrating offshore to reproduce and complete their life cycle.

Some management measures are in place for Mexican Shrimp, but some shrimp species in Mexico are depleted and/or overexploited. Illegal fishing is also an issue in the Mexico shrimp fisheries.

Mexican Shrimp are caught by industrial bottom trawlers in offshore locations. This fishing method causes substantial habitat damage and results in high levels of bycatch. They are also caught in artisanal fisheries in inshore areas, using a variety of different nets (e.g., cast nets, small trawls). The artisanal fisheries typically have lower impacts on habitats and bycatch.

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