Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating.Hake, White – U.S. Atlantic

White Hake is a bottom-dwelling fish species (or ‘groundfish’) typically found in the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Hatteras to southern Labrador and are primarily caught using three types of gear; bottom longline, bottom trawl, and bottom gillnet.

White Hake in the U.S. Atlantic were once depleted, but have now recovered to a healthy abundance level. They are being fished at an appropriate level.

However, the fisheries that catch White Hake also catch several others species, including depleted species, like cod and haddock. The gillnet fisheries sometimes catch marine mammals.

Full species report here.

This fish may have moderately high levels of mercury that could pose a health risk to children. More info here about mercury in hake. Check out our mercury in seafood section.