Species is relatively abundant, and fishing methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife.
Crab, King (Kani) – Alaska

There are three King Crab species in Alaska waters: Red King Crab, Golden King Crab, and Blue King Crab. King Crabs typically mature around 5-10 years of age and can have a leg span of 6 feet. Most King Crab populations in Alaska are at healthy abundance levels and not considered overfished. Effective management strategies are in place for the Alaska King Crab fishery.

Fishermen catch King Crabs with large 700 lb steel pots covered with nylon webbing. This fishing method has a minimal impact on non-target species, but can cause moderate damage to bottom ocean habitats.

It is important to keep in mind that the majority of frozen King Crab sold in the U.S. is imported from Russia. The Russia Crab fisheries are rated red. 

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