Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management.
Crab, Jonah – Canada

Jonah Crabs are found at depths ranging from 1 to 800 m along the Atlantic coast of North America. In Canada, Jonah Crabs are caught in the both American Lobster fisheries and directed Jonah Crab fisheries.

There is a lack of scientific information collected on this species and so its abundance is uncertain.  Some management regulations are in place in this fishery, such as minimum size limits, seasonal and area closures, and gear restrictions, but management has not always been effective.

Jonah Crabs are captured using baited pots and traps. While overall bycatch in this fishery is likely low, the lines that connect the traps or pots can entangle critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whales and other large whale species. The bycatch of these large whales is a serious threat to their recovery.

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