Species is relatively abundant, and fishing methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife.
Crab, Blue (Kani) – U.S. Chesapeake Bay, Trotline

Blue Crabs mature early and carry their eggs for a short period of time, making them more resilient to fishing pressure than other crab species.

In the U.S., abundance of Blue Crabs is at moderate to healthy levels. Blue Crabs are managed by individual states and management has improved in recent years to ensure the fishing on Blue Crabs is sustainable.

While most Blue Crabs are caught with pots, in the Chesapeake Bay, some Blue Crabs are caught with trotlines. Trotlines are similar to bottom longlines, but do not have hooks. Instead the bait is tied to the line. The trotline fishing is very selective, only catching Blue Crabs.

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