Species is relatively abundant, and fishing methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife.
Clam, Pacific Razor

The Pacific or Northern Razor Clam is a marine bivalve found along the North American West Coast on surf-swept sand beaches from Pismo Beach, CA to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Pacific Razor Clam can grow to over 6 in (16 cm) in length, typically lives for 9–11 years, and matures fairly quickly. Commercial fishing for Pacific Razor Clams occurs in state waters of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, as well as by the Quinault Indian Nation in Washington and by Haida Nation in British Columbia. .

The Quinault Indian Nation and Haida Nation Pacific Razor Clam populations are at healthy abundances and highly effective management is in place. There have been no formal population assessments of the Pacific Razor Clam fisheries in state waters of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska but there is no indication that overfishing is occurring.

Fishermen dig for clams by hand, with shovels or clam tubes. This fishing method is very selective, resulting in minimal to no bycatch, but may cause low to moderate damage to the beach habitats where Pacific razor clams live.

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