Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating.Clam, Atlantic Surf (Hokkigai) – U.S.

Atlantic Surf Clams are filter feeding bivalves, found from Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada to North Carolina. Atlantic Surf Clams reproduce at about two years of age, but can live to more than 30 years old.

Management regulations have prevented overfishing, but Surf Clam abundance has continually declined since 1997, with the most significant declines occurring in the southern portion of its range and in inshore waters. Declines are likely due to environmental factors. There is evidence that the Surf Clam’s range is shifting northwards.

The Surf Clam fishery is a very ‘clean’ fishery with limited bycatch and having virtually no impact on protected species. However, the hydraulic clam dredge used to catch Surf Clams causes significant damage to bottom ocean habitats.

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