Species is relatively abundant, and fishing methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife.
Barnacle, Gooseneck (Leaf) – British Columbia

The Gooseneck or Leaf Barnacle is a sessile crustacean, found along the west coast of North America. They attach to rocks and form barnacle clusters or beds. The species is fished by the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations in British Columbia, Canada. It is a small fishery and it is the only fishery for this species in North America.

Gooseneck Barnacles are at a healthy abundance and the fishery is carefully managed. Fishing is only allowed at certain sites and catch limits are set on a site-specific basis based on abundance information.

Fishermen collect Goosenack Barnacles by hand with a small tool that is used to pry the barnacles from the surrounding barnacle bed. This fishing method allows fishermen to be highly selective, so there is minimal bycatch. Impacts on the habitat are low, and a large proportion of Gooseneck Barnacles habitats are protected in marine reserves.

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