Green Chefs/Blue Ocean

The free Green Chefs/Blue Ocean online course was designed
with busy culinary professionals in mind.

Green Chefs/Blue Ocean is a comprehensive, interactive online course and a sustainable seafood training program. Our goal is to educate and motivate chefs all over the country to buy and cook with sustainable seafood and ensure a seafood supply for the future.

Developed by The Safina Center and Chefs Collaborative, GC/BO gives chefs and culinary students the tools they need to understand the fundamentals of sustainable seafood and to purchase, prepare and promote it in their restaurants.

Green Chefs/Blue Ocean is:

FAST – Seven separate lessons take 15 minutes each.

USER-FRIENDLY – Enroll in less than a minute and log in wherever there’s an internet connection.

SELF-PACED – Take the course at your own pace, on your own time.

ADAPTABLE – Integrates with and enhances existing seafood curricula.


Access the course and other resources at

Because 70% of the revenue generated by seafood sales in the United States occurs in restaurants and catering services, we believe working with established culinary professionals and engaging the emerging talents in US culinary schools can significantly affect demand.

Chefs have a unique chance to help shift the tide
and ensure a seafood supply for the future.

Chefs are the gatekeepers of the seafood industry. They command a unique influence over the purchase, trade and consumption of seafood. Fortunately, the flow of seafood sustainability information to chefs is on the rise.

Our course covers all facets of seafood sustainability including: fisheries and aquaculture, global supply and demand, and the challenges of purchasing and sourcing ocean-friendly seafood. Practical components such as determining the current “best” seafood choices; menu design; marketing sustainability; staff training; and consumer awareness.

Green Chefs/Blue Ocean provides a missing link in current sustainable seafood education efforts. The course empowers a new generation of chefs with the understanding and insight to shift seafood sustainability from simply an environmental concern to a mainstream culinary concept.