The Safina Center

Manta, Raja Ampat.Manta, Raja Ampat.Photo taken by: John Weller

Safina Center Fellows – Publications

Highlights of Safina Center Fellows’ publications include:

Paul Greenberg:
“An Oyster in the Storm”The New York Times.
Greenberg & Safina: “An Improvable Feast” – The New York Times.
“Ends of the Earth” - Sunday Book Review, The New York Times.
“Don’t Discount Smart Fish Farming” – A New York Times “Room for Debate.”
“As Final U.S. Decision Nears, A Lively Debate on GM Salmon”Yale Environment 360.
“A River Runs Through It”– on the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone. American Prospect Magazine.
“Holy Mackerel” Edible East End and Edible Manhattan.
“How Mussel Farming Could Help to Clean Fouled Waters”Yale Environment 360.
“Sustainable Seafood: The Good News” - Food and Wine Magazine.
“If You Teach a Son to Fish” – .
“Snappers: Eat or Be Eaten”Edible Manhattan.
“The Amazing Waterworld of the Wild Alaskan SalmonThe Atlantic.

Dr. Demian Chapman & Debra Abercrombie
Chapman, Abercrombie, Safina, et al: “Give Shark Sanctuaries a Chance” letter in the journal Science.
Chapman, Abercrombie & Safina: “Sharks Cross Fin-ish Line at CITES and A New Era Begins.”
Demian Chapman, dispatches from his oceanic whitetip shark tagging trip in
the Bahamas on Blue Ocean blog: “Even Sharks Like Sushi” and “Heads Up!
Chapman’s Blue Ocean blog: Restricted Supply, Tepid Demand: The New Recipe for Shark Fin Soup?
Abercrombie and Chapman are currently working with Blue Ocean Institute to promote their online tool for identifying shark fins: .

John Weller began his Fellowship with the Safina Center as of February, 2014. In March and April he was filming in Indonesia. Highlights of Weller’s photography, books and film work are here.
Now on – Weller’s video blog about Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Dr. Ellen Prager has just begun her fellowship with The Safina Center. Her most recent book is Shark Whisperer.