Safina Center Fellows – Publications

Manta, Raja Ampat.

Publication and Media Highlights

Paul Greenberg, Writer in Residence

“The four fish we’re overeating – and what to eat instead”Paul Greenberg’s TED Talk.

“The Least Deadliest Catch”  – Rodale’s Organic Life.

“A Tale of Three Seafood Sandwiches”  – Hakai Magazine.

“’The Great Fish Swap’: How America Is Downgrading Its Seafood Supply”  – NPR’s Fresh Air.

“The Case For Eating Small Fish”  – The New Yorker.

“Three Simple Rules For Eating Seafood”  – The New York Times Sunday Review.

Hob Osterlund

Osterlund’s book Holy Moli: Albatross and Other Ancestors will be published by Oregon State University Press in April, 2016.

John Weller

Highlights of Weller’s photography, books and film work are here.

“The Guardians of Raja Ampat: Community-Driven Conservation in the Heart of Indonesia”

Shawn Heinrichs

Highlights of Heinrich’s photography and film work are here and here.

Dr. Ellen Prager

Prager’s most recent book is The Shark Whisperer.

Selected pieces from The Huffington Post:

Ben Mirin

Wild Beats — Ben Mirin’s National Geographic Kids Show.
“Making Music From Bird Song”Ben Mirin’s TEDx NYU Talk.
“Beatbox As A Universal Language” — Ben Mirin’s TEDx Carleton College Talk.

Eric Gilman

For a full list of Gilman’s publications, click here.
View Gilman’s profile on Research Gate here.