Safina Center Fellows – Publications

Manta, Raja Ampat.

Publication and Media Highlights

Paul Greenberg, Writer in Residence

“The four fish we’re overeating – and what to eat instead”Paul Greenberg’s TED Talk.

“The Least Deadliest Catch”  – Rodale’s Organic Life.

“A Tale of Three Seafood Sandwiches”  – Hakai Magazine.

“Spin the Globe: A Different Sort of Rio”  – AFAR Magazine.

“’The Great Fish Swap’: How America Is Downgrading Its Seafood Supply”  – NPR’s Fresh Air.

“Being smart about shopping “organic” and buying seafood”  – WHYY’s Radio Times.

“The Case For Eating Small Fish”  – The New Yorker.

“Three Simple Rules For Eating Seafood”  – The New York Times Sunday Review.

“Problems With Seafood Go Beyond Overfishing, Says ‘American Catch’ Author”  – WBUR’s Here & Now.

“Other Fish to Fry”  – Hakai Magazine.

“Seven questions you should ask to try to make sure your fish wasn’t caught by slaves”  – PRI’s The World.

“The Fisherman’s Dilemma”  – California Sunday Magazine.

“Q&A: Paul Greenberg, Author of the books Four Fish and American Catch”  – Oceana Magazine.

“The Story of Our Seafood”  – WGBH Innovation Hub.

“The Trouble With Asian Carp”Garden and Gun Magazine.

“Covering the Seas: a manual on ocean reporting” – Earth Journalism Network/Internews.

“Can Seafood Be Sustainable and Kosher?”The New York Times.

“The New Rules of Eating Fish”Prevention Magazine.

“The American Caviar Renaissance”Food and Wine.

“California Squid’s 12,000 mile Journey to Your Plate”Los Angeles Times.

“Bring Back Local Seafood”Seattle Times.

“Bearded Filter Feeders are the Future of the Seafood Industry”Vice Media.

“Ten Things You Should Know About the American Seafood Supply”Civil Eats.

“Why Are We Importing Our Own Fish?”The New York Times.

“Nations Have Carved Up the Oceans, Now What?” – Conservation Magazine.

“An Oyster in the Storm” – The New York Times.

Greenberg & Safina: “An Improvable Feast” – The New York Times.

“Ends of the Earth” – Sunday Book Review, The New York Times.

“Don’t Discount Smart Fish Farming” – A New York Times “Room for Debate.”

“As Final U.S. Decision Nears, A Lively Debate on GM Salmon” – Yale Environment 360.

“A River Runs Through It” – American Prospect Magazine.

“Holy Mackerel” – Edible East End and Edible Manhattan.

“How Mussel Farming Could Help to Clean Fouled Waters” – Yale Environment 360.

“Sustainable Seafood: The Good News” – Food and Wine Magazine.

“Snappers: Eat or Be Eaten”Edible Manhattan.

“The Amazing Waterworld of the Wild Alaskan Salmon”  – The Atlantic.

Eric Gilman

For a full list of Gilman’s publications, click here.

View Gilman’s profile on Research Gate here.

John Weller

Highlights of Weller’s photography, books and film work are here.

“The Guardians of Raja Ampat: Community-Driven Conservation in the Heart of Indonesia”

Dr. Ellen Prager

Prager’s most recent book is The Shark Whisperer.

Selected pieces from The Huffington Post:

Hob Osterlund

Osterlund’s book Holy Moli: Albatross and Other Ancestors will be published by Oregon State University Press in April, 2016.