Safina Center Fellows

The world-class talents whom we hand-pick to join with us as Fellows are best-selling authors, Emmy-winning filmmakers, photographers, artists, and scientists whose work to solve pressing issues has already achieved international recognition.

To accelerate their transformative work, our Center helps enable Fellows to complete critical aspects of their projects such as travel, editing, or writing.

Since our Fellows program began in 2012, and our ‘Launchpad’ Fellows program was established in 2017, we have created projects on every continent on Earth, and across its oceans.

Current Safina Center Fellows are:

Additionally, we support young people starting their early careers in conservation and the arts. These are our Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla ‘Launchpad’ Fellows,” which this year include:

(cover photo: Katarzyna Nowak in Utah’s Canyonlands. Photo courtesy: Katarzyna Nowak)