Carl Safina’s Work

Carl Safina with elephant seal and penguins.

Carl Safina’s writing and communication work, national speaking engagements and TV spokesperson role is one of three core programs at The Safina Center.

Whether or not we can see, hear, or feel the ocean from our own home territory, the ocean certainly feels all of us.  And how our ocean is faring reflects how humanity is faring.  In extending our collective sense of community beyond humanity and below the high tide line, we call for a closer connection to the sea.

Future generations can’t debate with us our treatment of the living world, or what we’re leaving for them.  We see our ocean and our children in the same boat, on a mutually dependent, miraculous voyage of life.

Through Carl Safina’s work, we aim to help people understand how the ocean supports all life on our planet. Through coast-to-coast lectures, media appearances, books, a PBS TV series and published essays and articles, we work to reveal how everything humans do—both on land and at sea—affects the waters of our world.