eric graham

B. Eric Graham

Eric Graham’s passion for developing and bringing transformative sustainable energy technologies to market has led him to start and manage businesses that have touched on every continent.
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carl safina

Carl Safina

Dr. Safina co-founded the Safina Center in 2003. He now works mainly to help highlight and explain how the ocean is changing and what that means for wildlife and for people.
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Elizabeth Brown-Hornstein

I have worked with The Safina Center since 2010 as their lead seafood researcher. I direct two other researchers and serve as the principal liaison with their partner, Whole Foods Market.
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Erica Cirino

Science Writer, Artist and Social Media Coordinator I write for the Safina Center about wildlife, scientific research and the environment and manage the Safina Center’s website and social media channels. I’m a science writer and artist with a… Read More
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Jack Macrae

Jack Macrae was born in New York City and graduated from Harvard University in 1954. Today he manages the Henry Holt imprint, John Macrae Books, and is part-owner – with wife of 20+ years, Paula Cooper – of 192 Books on 10th Avenue in Manhattan.
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Jane Ross Central Park 2015

Jane Ross

A Hummingbird Leads to Friendship and a New Board Member Jane Ross’s journey to becoming a Safina Center board member began with a hummingbird on a migration gone awry. It was a Rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) to be… Read More
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