Ian Urbina

Ian Urbina is a Washington-based investigative reporter for The New York Times. His writings cover topics from domestic and foreign policy to commentary on everyday life, and have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and Harper’s.

In 2015, his “The Outlaw Ocean” series caught international attention when it ran in The New York Times. The series reveals the crime and violence that occurs in international waters, from slavery, to oil dumping, to murder with impunity.  As a Safina Center Fellow, Urbina will use his reporting materials from this series to undertake a speaking tour, presenting to three key groups: the corporate community, universities, and artists. Urbina hopes his Outlaw Oceans Speaking Tour spurs action in the U.S. and abroad to better protect the oceans for the sake of marine life and the people who work at sea.

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Notable works, coverage and accomplishments

(cover photo: Southeast Asia. Documenting slavery on fishing ships. ©Adam Dean for the New York Times; headshot: ©Steve Crowley)