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Marine scientist John P. Christopher speaks about his Arctic research at the Toronto Public Library’s Orchard View Branch on February 21

February 20

Marine scientist John P. Christopher, who has spent much time studying marine mammals in the Arctic, will speak at the Toronto Public Library’s Orchard Branch on February 20, 2019.
Topics covered in his talk: Newfoundland Labrador inshore fisheries using the traditional Portuguese hook and line fishery methods were still practiced on the Grand Banks until the early 1960s whilst among them the modern factory freezers began to ply industrial scale  fishery  that soon brought about the demise to the native resident sturdy cod fish.
Marine mammal ( bowhead and right whale) harvesting by the Portuguese and Basques in Labrador during the 16th century up to the industrial scale Newfoundland harp seal hunts  carried on from 1820s until the 1950s and 1960s when they were finally abandoned due to  negative societal pressures.
Slideshows of the newly, government-instituted hamlet Inuit lifestlye in Nunavut in the late 1950s following a nomadic lifestyle that had been in place until then and the traditional Inuit hunting of beluga, narwhal and walrus still practiced in Nunavut in the 1960s. Aerial surveys of harp seal populations pupping on ice floes off Newfoundland as well as beluga populations  in Hudson Bay were undertaken by the author in the period of 1959-1964 to get a handle on sizes of the resident populations.


February 20