Dispatch from Hawaii; making music live with whales

By David Rothenberg, Safina Center Fellow The underwater sonic world of humpback whales remains a mystery to human ears. In the fifty years since we discovered that this one species of cetacean sings long, structured, melodic and organized… Read More
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Right Whale, Wrong Time

On the umpteenth day aboard the Dredge Newport, during the 11th hour of a 12-hour shift, 1,000 yards ahead in the center of the Brunswick shipping channel, I spied the unmistakable V-shaped blow. “Whoa. Idle the engines,” I… Read More
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Carl Safina joins board of nonprofit working to improve lives of captive cetaceans

By Erica Cirino There are many people who believe whales and dolphins do not belong in aquariums and marine parks, and for good reason: When you put a large, highly intelligent animal that naturally travels a hundred or… Read More
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