Some states now advocate coexistence with–rather than killing of–coyotes

By Erica Cirino In an opinion piece for the Cape Cod Times earlier this month, Carl Safina and I wrote about coexisting with coyotes—as millions of people in fact do. We juxtaposed a Cape Cod coyote-killing contest against… Read More
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Hurricane Cat

By Jake Price I came down to Houston following Harvey’s impact to continue on with my documentation of climate change and the impact it has on our communities and society at large. Once I made my way into Houston, I… Read More
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Co-existence with Giants

By Katarzyna Nowak, Safina Center Fellow When I arrived in the Udzungwa Mountains of southern Tanzania in 2008, the forested hills seemed to roll on uninterrupted. I moved into a small house painted sky-blue – one in a… Read More
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