The days of sunshine: Raising an orphaned baboon in Africa, Part II

By Robin Huffman, Safina Center Fellow Sunshine came into my life one January day in 2013. I was volunteering for the fifth time at Ape Action Africa in Cameroon, nestled in Mefou’s secondary-growth forest an hour from Yaounde, the capital. The primate… Read More
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The little unicellular photosynthetic engine that could

By Paul Greenberg, Safina Center Fellow My work being what it is, every year or so I find myself in a room packed tight with human-size tubes of algae. The colors range from burnt sienna to electric Kool-Aid-green…. Read More
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The leaders of Iceland’s slow-travel movement

By Erica Cirino, Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla ‘Launchpad’ Fellow” I’m standing on the bow of a creaking wooden schooner called Ópal, looking out over the Greenland Sea for signs of life here at the quiet edge of the… Read More
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