March for the Oceans; Make A Splash!

By Carl Safina and Sylvia Earle When the first World Oceans Day was held in 1992, the oceans were very different than today. The oceans were less acidic because less carbon dioxide had dissolved into them. They were… Read More
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To native birds’ benefit, conservationists declare South Georgia clear of invasive rodents for first time in more than 200 years

Celebrated sea captain James Cook implanted a British flag down into the rocky, icy ground on the shore of South Georgia in 1775. When he did so, he claimed ownership of the icy, mountainous Antarctic island not only… Read More
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Beyond Words gets a French review by Le Monde!

Congratulations to Carl Safina, whose seventh book, Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel, has just been reviewed in French. Read the review online here, or the PDF here.
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