Right Whale, Wrong Time

On the umpteenth day aboard the Dredge Newport, during the 11th hour of a 12-hour shift, 1,000 yards ahead in the center of the Brunswick shipping channel, I spied the unmistakable V-shaped blow. “Whoa. Idle the engines,” I… Read More
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The Yellow Conundrum

Making good seafood choices can be frustrating. You want to purchase seafood that was caught without harming the environment. But there is so much information, and different seafood guides do not always agree on whether a fishery is… Read More
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Why do we have a World Tuna Day?

One of the most incredible predators in our ocean is in danger of being lost. Pacific Bluefin tuna populations have been in jeopardy for years and new allegations of illegal and overfishing activity by Japanese fleets create a… Read More
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