Shark Tagging Chronicles – Part I

Guest blog series by Christine O’Connell Safina Center Fellow, Debbie Abercrombie, is one of the lead shark researchers conducting groundbreaking research on the movements and behavior patterns of different shark species in an attempt to better understand and protect them…. Read More
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Shark Ashore! What’s Next?

In late July, Ed Michels–chief harbormaster for the Town of East Hampton, NY–found a dead shark washed ashore on the ocean beach of Amagansett (Long Island). There were no obvious injuries on the shark that measured five and… Read More
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U.S. Fishery Law Under Revision- Will We Strengthen or Weaken the Law?

The Blue Ocean Blog is now The Safina Center Blog Today U.S. fisheries are doing quite well, thanks to the U.S. fishery law, known as the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. The U.S. fishery law was first… Read More
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