Photo by Toby Hudson. A variety of corals form an outcrop on Flynn Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns, Queensland, Australia. (Wikimedia Commons)

Experts say marine protected areas are great but could be better with more staff and funding

When people used the oceans up until the late 1800s, they often did so with reckless abandon. Fishers would pull enormous quantities of fish from the seas and whalers would nab as many blubber-filled cetaceans as possible. Coral-hunters… Read More
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Vaquita. Photo by Paula Olson, NOAA (Wikimedia Commons).

The vulnerable vaquita: Immediate action needed to save critically endangered porpoise

When most people think of cetaceans, they think of the most iconic species: dolphins and whales. The vaquita—a small gray porpoise with an elusive lifestyle that’s native to Mexico’s Gulf of California—isn’t well known to most people, despite… Read More
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Photo by Carl Safina. Vicki Fishlock at work in Kenya.

China bans ivory, offering new hope for elephants

Every fifteen minutes an elephant is murdered so that someone somewhere can buy an ivory bracelet, carving, or some trinket that humans and elephants both could live without. Last fall the world’s nations met in Johannesburg to decide… Read More
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