Apocalypse Again

The following post was written by Blue Ocean Institute President & Co-founder, Carl Safina.  To view the original post, please visit Don’t believe the globe is warming? Fine. Whatever. Here’s one thing everyone agrees on: the fact… Read More
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Making A Difference – Palau Creates World’s First Shark Sanctuary

Yesterday the Associated Press ran a story about the Western Pacific nation of Palau, who announced today at the United Nations its ban of shark fishing.   Blue Ocean President, Carl Safina reflects below on how shark populations have… Read More
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A Call to Costa Rica to Protect Pacific Leatherbacks

The following op-ed by Carl Safina appeared in LaNacion, on September 2, 2009.  For the spanish version click here! Editor, La Nacion To the Editor, Many international conservationists are disturbed by news that Costa Rica’s Congress is considering… Read More
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