Farewell, Little Porpoise

By Luke Ormand, Nature and Wildlife Photographer It is unusual to publish an obituary when the subject is not yet dead, but the situation for the vaquita, that little porpoise with a short and stocky build and panda-like… Read More
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A fish is a fish is a fish

I remember when I fell in love with food that had a story to tell. Homemade honey butter trickled through a rosemary roll; the honey cured in hives out back and the rosemary grew in planters on the… Read More
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Fishing nets are taking whales’ food in the shadow of Manhattan. Here’s what you need to know

One commercial fishing company is cruising off the shores of New York, taking whales’ food. One year ago we reported that small, herring-like fish called menhaden, a major food source for whales, dolphins and large fishes, were making… Read More
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