Oh, the pain of it all

By Robin Huffman, Safina Center Fellow My birthday was earlier this month. I’m at my favorite primate sanctuary, Ape Action Africa in Cameroon. Given the day off, I treated myself to my favorite activity – caring for young… Read More
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Little Goatherd Mountain

By Katarzyna Nowak, Safina Center Fellow We weren’t going far into Kluane National Park, a vast protected area in southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada. And yet, it still felt like immersion into a wilderness that inspires awe, respect, and… Read More
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Mōlī Friends in Monterey: The Story of Makana and Alika

By Hob Osterlund, Safina Center Fellow Makana, a twelve-year-old Laysan albatross, seemed contemplative as she took in her surroundings. A short distance away were hundreds of fish darting through a kelp forest of wide shimmering strands, each easily… Read More
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