Obama calls for a chilling on drilling in the Arctic

Co-authored by Erica Cirino In July 2015, Portland, Oregon, became the center of the debate on Arctic drilling. Greenpeace activists lowered themselves from the bridge with ropes, brandishing bright yellow flags declaring “Save the Arctic.” Others assembled in… Read More
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Climate change reversal requires investment and innovation—NOW!

By Ellen Prager, PhD This April marks marine scientist and author Dr. Ellen Prager’s final month as a Safina Center Fellow. Her year with us has been filled with much excitement and achievement, including two books, research and… Read More
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More Whales Means More Productive Oceans

As large whales – such as the sperm, humpback, gray, blue, and right – have started to slowly recover in recent years from centuries of overhunting, scientists are discovering that these large animals are very important to our… Read More
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