Discovering the art of field recording

By Ben Mirin, Safina Center Fellow If you want to record bird song properly, there are lots of things to consider. Your audio has to be pristine so it can be used for scientific research, and you must… Read More
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An eye on extinction: Safina Center Fellow Shawn Heinrichs brings attention to at-risk sea creatures with art

With the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna’s CoP17 scheduled to begin on Friday, Safina Center Fellow and Emmy Award winning photographer, cinematographer and ocean conservationist Shawn Heinrichs today has released a new video… Read More
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A life of adventure and activism revealed: Our review of Peter Willcox’s Greenpeace Captain

When Peter Willcox was just six years old, his parents took him aboard a sailboat to sail around the Connecticut harbor near the family home to protest the construction of a nuclear power plant. At 12 years old,… Read More
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