How street art can help keep waterways clean and clear of trash

I’m strolling down Main Street in Northport, a nautical, perhaps quintessential, Long Island village that comes complete with bay views and the scent of sea spray in the air. A friend across the street calls my name just… Read More
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Hob Osterlund on home, history and Holy Mōlī

It’s another sunny afternoon on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. A woman with close-cropped sandy hair and sky-colored eyes, clad in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, lies belly-down on a patch of dry pine needles. Camera held to… Read More
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Kauaʻi: building noah’s ark

By Hob Osterlund Founder, Kaua’i Albatross Network Fellow, The Safina Center In the summer of 1979, a Laysan albatross chick launched herself from a bluff on the north shore of Kauaʻi. She looked similar to other young birds… Read More
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