Lost in Time in the Galapagos Islands

By Ben Mirin, Safina Center Fellow When father Tomas Berlanga first happened upon The Galapagos Islands in 1535, he was immediately ready to leave. His ship had been blown off course on his way from Panama to Peru,… Read More
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These elusive alpinists drink at night – Part II

By Katarzyna Nowak, Safina Center Fellow Writing about wolves, Barry Lopez remarked from the outset that, “To be rigorous about wolves – you might as well expect rigor of clouds.” That is exactly my sentiment about mountain goats… Read More
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Lancetfish are providing a unique glimpse into the ocean’s twilight zone

By Jessica Perelman, Guest Blogger When Assistant Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, Anela Choy first conducted doctoral research on the feeding habits of large midwater fish predators, it quickly became clear to her that prey items… Read More
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