Maasai Movie Night

By Kate Thompson, Safina Center Kalpana Chawla Launchpad Fellow Before I tell you how the first Maasai Movie Night went, let me tell you about the second, and the third and every one after that. We established a… Read More
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Empowering People, One Village at a Time, in the Arfat Mountains

By John Weller, Safina Center Fellow Shita Prativi tried to describe her first experience seeing a bird of paradise – a Western Parotia – and started to cry. The memory was so vivid she had to turn away… Read More
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“Are We Going to Go Walking Again?”

By Kate Thompson, Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla Launchpad” Fellow I have spent most of the morning flipping through online grant applications—the 2018 year is approaching and my stomach squelches with anxiety as I try to find enough funding… Read More
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