Deep-sea mining: Bringing the voice of science to the international stage

By Jessie Perelman, Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla ‘Launchpad’ Fellow” “Distinguished representative. You may now take the floor.” “Thank you, Madame President.” These formalities are standard for Council Sessions of the International Seabed Authority (ISA). What comes next is… Read More
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Hit the Ground Running

By Cheyenne Cunningham, Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla ‘Launchpad’ Fellow” Nobody actually warns you that life after (undergraduate) college is the true test of grit and mental fortitude. As a December graduate with intent to pursue August enrollment into… Read More
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Dispatch from in Hawaii, making music live with whales

By David Rothenberg, Safina Center Fellow The underwater sonic world of humpback whales remains a mystery to human ears. In the fifty years since we discovered that this one species of cetacean sings long, structured, melodic and organized… Read More
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