Orange-kneed tarantula


By Safina Center Fellow and Writer in Residence Paul Greenberg “There, up ahead,” my Costa Rican guide said in a whisper through fog and darkness. “There is something very special. Something we don’t see very often around here.” I… Read More
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Photo by Carl Safina. Vicki Fishlock at work in Kenya.

China bans ivory, offering new hope for elephants

Every fifteen minutes an elephant is murdered so that someone somewhere can buy an ivory bracelet, carving, or some trinket that humans and elephants both could live without. Last fall the world’s nations met in Johannesburg to decide… Read More
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The oil at the bottom of the world

By Safina Center Fellow and Writer in Residence Paul Greenberg Last week I was in the middle of revising the krill chapter of my forthcoming book on omega-3 fatty acids when I got an unsettling note from MacDuff… Read More
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