It’s time to foster a new festival-waste ethic

By Erica Cirino, Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla ‘Launchpad’ Fellow” It’s midnight on a recent Saturday and I’m dancing outside in a muddy field in suburban Denmark with a handful of friends and a-hundred-thousand-or-so strangers. The Cure is playing… Read More
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The little unicellular photosynthetic engine that could

By Paul Greenberg, Safina Center Fellow My work being what it is, every year or so I find myself in a room packed tight with human-size tubes of algae. The colors range from burnt sienna to electric Kool-Aid-green…. Read More
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Back to life: When rats are gone, birds and plants thrive

By Hob Osterlund, Safina Center Fellow An interview with Mele Khalsa, Island Restoration Specialist, Island Conservation. Hob Osterlund: It’s been nearly two years since Island Conservation coordinated the rodenticide drop on Lehua Island, about nineteen miles off the… Read More
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