Abused and abandoned primates: We must give them a voice

By Robin Huffman, Safina Center Fellow Volunteering at primate sanctuaries caring for the monkeys and apes I paint is a very large part of what informs my portraits. I often spend months with them, seven days a week,… Read More
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South Korea bans importation of “The Cove” dolphins

By Erica Cirino It’s been nearly 9 years since The Cove brought the story of dolphin massacres in Taiji, Japan, and the issue of captive cetaceans before the eyes of millions of people around the world. The film… Read More
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Funding for Marine Mammal Commission ekes through 2018 Federal Budget plan – but there’s more work to be done

North Atlantic right whales are facing a breeding and survival crisis, due in large part to entanglements in fishing gear. Humpback whales are dying in unprecedented numbers off the Northeastern U.S., some are also casualties of entanglements while… Read More
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