Congress working to take fisheries backward 20 years

It took the United States decades to develop and perfect an effective fisheries management plan that helps keep enough fish to feed both the nation’s people and its animals. The landmark legislation that turned around the country’s widespread… Read More
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Little Goatherd Mountain

By Katarzyna Nowak, Safina Center Fellow We weren’t going far into Kluane National Park, a vast protected area in southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada. And yet, it still felt like immersion into a wilderness that inspires awe, respect, and… Read More
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Open season for wolves across the lower 48? Time and science will tell

By Carl Safina and Erica Cirino Currently the gray wolf is listed as an endangered species in all states where it exists, except Alaska, which is home to a much larger population. Across the lower 48 states, hunting… Read More
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