Plastic pollutes! Help spare the planet; here’s how to cut down on your plastic use

By Cynthia Tuthill, PhD, Guest Blogger; introduction by Erica Cirino, Safina Center Launchpad (“junior”) Fellow Cover photo: Fishing community in Southern Myanmar. ©Erica Cirino Step outside and look around, and no matter where you are, from a deserted… Read More
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Holy Mōlī, what a blessing

By Hob Osterlund, Safina Center Fellow A few weeks ago—around noon on November 8—naturalist Kim Steutermann Rogers was searching for Laysan albatross (Mōlī) on a particular coastal area of Kaua’i. The birds had all been at sea for… Read More
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Sonar on the high seas

By Jessie Perelman, Safina Center Launchpad (“junior”) Fellow What animal species live in the open oceans around the world? At what depth do they live? How many animals are there? Scientists use many tools to try to answer… Read More
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