Learning by listening to the whales of New York

Co-authored by Carl Safina New York City may be home to more than 8.4 million people, but here also resides quite a bit of wildlife. On a recent summer afternoon in the Big Apple, I spotted hoards of… Read More
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More ocean acidification, less coral?

Co-authored by Carl Safina Scientists have known for about 15 years that ocean acidification has made it more difficult for hard corals and shelled marine organisms to survive. To grow, hard corals as well as clams, oysters, and others… Read More
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Happy World Listening Day from Safina Center Fellow Ben Mirin!

Today, July 18, marks World Listening Day! To celebrate, Safina Center Fellow Ben Mirin (AKA DJ Ecotone) will be live-streaming a musical performance. Catch it here at noon!
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