Dam Busters – New story by Safina Center Fellow Paul Greenberg

By Safina Center Fellow Paul Greenberg Dam Busters A nascent environmental movement is liberating rivers and freeing fish. In staid New England, if a younger man drives onto the property of an elderly woman and threatens to knock… Read More
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Looking for birds and plastic in Denmark

People who love birds look for birds wherever they go. I happen to be one of those people. When I recently took a trip to Denmark, early morning bird watching with my Alaskan malamute dog became one of… Read More
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Experts say marine protected areas are great but could be better with more staff and funding

When people used the oceans up until the late 1800s, they often did so with reckless abandon. Fishers would pull enormous quantities of fish from the seas and whalers would nab as many blubber-filled cetaceans as possible. Coral-hunters… Read More
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