All Hands on Deck: A (sea)grassroots approach to ocean exploration

By Jessica Perelman, PhD Student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa “95% of our oceans have never been explored.” This is a statistic that I hear regularly, and it holds a pretty strong message. What’s out there… Read More
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Things do not change; we change (Thoreau)

By Robin Huffman, Safina Center Fellow The other day at Ape Action Africa, the Cameroon sanctuary where I volunteer, director Rachel Hogan and I were marveling at how primates changed the course of our lives and others we… Read More
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Leaving no more than footprints to fight plastic pollution on land (and in the sea)

When a close friend recently proposed a long weekend getaway to the Pacific Northwest, I quickly told her it was a go. After a few months acclimating to my new research position at Roskilde University in Denmark, and… Read More
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