Project Pisces: Hidden ecosystems and lasting legacies

By Jessica Perelman, Guest Blogger Exploring the deep ocean is by no means a simple task. It is the great frontier, the endless unknown about which we know so little. Broadly defined as the ocean and seafloor lying… Read More
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A Bumper Crop o’Tross

By Hob Osterlund, Safina Center Fellow There’s some good news from the Hawaiian Islands. Laysan albatross—also known as mōlī in Hawaiian—are nesting in record numbers this year. Due to the presence of mongoose on most landscapes of the… Read More
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Lox Redux

By Paul Greenberg, Safina Center Writer in Residence “Nova Lox” just might be the Jewish madeleine. Its rosy glow atop a bagel recalls bar mitzvahs, wedding chupahs and your bubby’s funeral. But the way we remember a food… Read More
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