Animal neuroscientist discusses her career and the case for keeping cetaceans out of captivity

Lori Marino is board president and executive director of the Whale Sanctuary Project, an organization building safe, seaside sanctuaries for once-captive whales. She’s also an affiliate at the Safina Center. In light of recent decisions by many countries… Read More
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If I Had to Choose One Animal to Make My Music…

…it might be this one. By Safina Center Fellow Ben Mirin Let me take you on a journey through sound to the heart of the African bush. The sun has set, the sounds of the day have faded… Read More
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Montauk business launches crowdfunding campaign to fight seafood fraud with technology

On a recent afternoon during a working trip to Denmark, I walk to a small Copenhagen seafood market to pick up something for dinner. Beneath the counter I see rows of gleaming fish and piles of shellfish lying… Read More
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