Right Whale, Wrong Time

On the umpteenth day aboard the Dredge Newport, during the 11th hour of a 12-hour shift, 1,000 yards ahead in the center of the Brunswick shipping channel, I spied the unmistakable V-shaped blow. “Whoa. Idle the engines,” I… Read More
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What a warming world might mean for mountain goats in winter coats

By Katarzyna Nowak, Safina Center Fellow Mountain goats are among North America’s most cold-adapted species. Understanding how they are coping with a warming climate is important for conservation managers so that they can better provide for mountain goats’… Read More
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A Touchy Subject in Primate Caregiving

By Robin Huffman, Safina Center Fellow Recently, hearing of my primate-focused volunteering work in Africa, two women approached me, eager to share that they’d visited a primate sanctuary and played with orphaned infant chimpanzees. After my four-plus years… Read More
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