Stunning underwater photography project sheds light on our acidifying oceans

By Safina Center Staff Last week an international team of marine scientists published a paper in Scientific Reports that heeds a strong warning to the world: Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities are heating up the oceans and… Read More
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Oh, the pain of it all

By Robin Huffman, Safina Center Fellow My birthday was earlier this month. I’m at my favorite primate sanctuary, Ape Action Africa in Cameroon. Given the day off, I treated myself to my favorite activity – caring for young… Read More
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Meet the Birds Singing on Coastal New England in Summer

By Ben Mirin, Safina Center Fellow This summer I’ve spent six weeks recording bird song at various locations across coastal New England, from Martha’s Vineyard to Cape Cod to Appledore Island in the Gulf of Maine. As a… Read More
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