Molly Adams

Molly Adams is a birder, artist and conservation educator. Her work focuses on strengthening other’s connections to the natural world and all of its inhabitants. Through the Feminist Bird Club, Adams has been working towards promoting diversity and equity in the birding community while fundraising for human rights organizations.

As the New York Aquarium’s outreach coordinator, Molly Adams designs and delivers hands-on marine conservation programming to New Yorkers throughout the city’s five boroughs. When she’s not writing inquiry-based curriculum she can be found hanging out with horseshoe crabs, leading climate change conversations in classrooms, and taking bird surveys with students along the Hudson River.

Adams is also the founder of the Feminist Bird Club, which held its first bird walk in Brooklyn in October 2016 and was recently featured in The New York Times. This club acts as a safe way for birders of all backgrounds and gender identities to get outdoors in urban areas while fundraising for basic human rights. There are now chapters in Boston, Chicago, Michigan and Buenos Aires—with more in the works.

While completing her master’s degree in Marine Conservation and Policy at Stony Brook University, she escaped New York momentarily and designed ArcGIS Storymaps for NOAA’s Marine Protected Areas program in Monterey, California. Adams spent her undergraduate years studying natural history museums and their ability to visually display ecological relationships at the Pratt Institute.

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  • (cover image courtesy: Molly Adams; headshot: Jen Kepler)