Chris Jordan

(Above photo: Chris Jordan filming aboard S/Y Christianshavn, a research sailboat collecting plastic samples on the Pacific Ocean. © Erica Cirino.)

Chris JordanChris Jordan is an acclaimed photographic artist based in Seattle.

His artworks explore contemporary mass culture from a variety of photographic and conceptual perspectives, connecting the viewer viscerally to the enormity and power of humanity’s collective unconscious. Jordan’s images edge-walk the lines between beauty and horror, abstraction and representation, the near and the far, the visible and the invisible, challenging us to look both inward and outward at the complex landscapes of our collective choices.

In November 2016, Jordan sailed the Pacific Ocean with a group of Danish sailors and scientists belonging to the organization Plastic Change, which is focused on fighting ocean plastic. Aboard their ship, he filmed and took photographs of Plastic Change’s research, ocean wildlife, life at sea and the ocean landscape.

In January 2017, Jordan announced the near-completion of his film, “Midway.” The film explores curiosity, nature, love and grief, mainly through the lens of albatross. It is slated for a premier in spring 2017.

Jordan’s work reaches an increasingly broad international audience through his exhibitions, books, website, interviews on radio and television, and speaking engagements and school visits all over the world.