Safina Center Fellows


To accelerate the creation of exceptional transformative work, our Fellows Program helps support a small group of hand-picked distinctive voices. They are award-winning authors, filmmakers, photographers, artists, and scientists whose work has achieved international recognition. In each case their work amplifies the urgent message of global change, using distinctly innovative approaches to help make the case for life on Earth.

To help enable these exceptional talents, our Center provides partial support that enables them to complete critical pieces of their projects such as travels, film editing, or writing that might not otherwise get done.

Our fellows have included New York Times best-selling author Paul Greenberg, children’s book author Dr. Ellen Prager, filmmaker John Weller whose work helped secure some of Indonesia’s most important reefs, Dr. Eric Gilman who works to reduce unintended catches of turtles and sharks, and biologists Dr. Demian and Debbie Chapman who were pivotal in controlling international trade in shark fins.

For more info on our Fellows Program, go here.

(above photo: Sharks off Cat Island, Bahamas. © Andy Mann)