Paul Winter

Paul Winter

Photo: Cliff Sobel

Paul Winter’s musical odyssey has long embraced the traditions of the world’s cultures, as well as the wildlife voices of what he refers to as “the greater symphony of the Earth.”

From the early days of his college jazz sextet, which toured Latin America for the State Department in 1962, and then, at the invitation of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, played the first-ever jazz concert at the White House; to his later ensemble, the Paul Winter Consort, his concert tours and recording expeditions have taken him to 52 countries and to wilderness areas on six continents, into which he has traveled on rafts, dog sleds, mules, kayaks, tug-boats and Land Rovers. Out of all this experience has emerged the Consort’s unique comprehensive genre, which Winter refers to as “Earth Music,” with its aspirations to celebrate the cultures and creatures of the whole Earth. He has produced 45 albums, of which 7 have been honored with Grammy Awards.

His current project is entitled Flyways: A Celebration of the Great Bird Migration from Africa through the Middle East to Eurasia, which will incorporate indigenous music of each of the 16 countries over which the birds fly, interwoven with the voices of the birds.

Since 1980, Paul and his Consort have been artists-in-residence at New York’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine, where they have presented over 200 unique events, including their famed annual Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice Celebrations.

In recognition of his musical contributions to the environment, Paul has received the Global 500 Award from the United Nations.