Groups Sue FDA for Flawed Seafood Health Information

A few days ago, several environmental and food safety groups filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failing to provide the public with accurate and accessible information about toxic mercury in seafood.

Mercury in seafood is a major health concern because too much mercury can make humans sick. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration’s current online warning about mercury in seafood does not reach all people (like those without internet) and so many remain unaware of the health risks associated with eating some seafood. As well, their mercury in seafood warning is incomplete and inaccurate. [In our recent blog post “Eating seafood: Health Boon or Health Threat ” we try to untangle their flawed advice.]

Environmental and food safety groups want the Food and Drug Administration to require signs at market seafood counters and labels on packaged seafood that inform consumers about the amount of mercury in fish. We think this is a reasonable request of the agency responsible for ensuring the food we consume is safe and properly labeled. And we are guessing that many of you would agree.

Seafood consumers deserve accurate, updated, and easily accessible information about mercury in seafood, so they can make healthy seafood choices. Hopefully the court will force the Food and Drug Administration to respond to these seafood safety requests.

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Elizabeth Brown is a research scientist at Blue Ocean Institute. 

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